Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two quotes

I came across these two quotes in the Miracle of Forgiveness this week and I felt that they were so poignant that I wanted to write them down for further thought:

"Nations, like individuals, must 'repent or suffer.' There is only one cure for the earth's sick condition. That infallible cure is simply righteousness, obedience, godliness, honor, integrity. Nothing else will suffice."

"Sin creates inner conflict, causes loss of self-respect, saps moral strength, causes injury to and estranges others, makes men more susceptible to temptation, and in numerous other subtle ways retards, delays, and blocks our journey toward our goal. ... True repentance halts this disintegration and, ... places one's feet on the highway of successful living. With the companionship of [the Holy Ghost], one may release the power which is in the human soul even as men have been able to release the power of the atom. This power, when released and given divine direction and guidance, will lead to immortality and eternal life."

I love the imagery of the power of the human soul compared to the power released by splitting an atom. It is an amazing amount of power created from such a tiny, insignificant thing. How much greater is the power of the human soul? Enough to lead to immortality and eternal life with God's guidance.


Kjirsti said...

thanks for noting the quotes. I loved them. I have been thinking about this subject a lot too. In my case, in regards to feeling like I really don't want to add to the display of immorality on stage. There is already too much of that. Somehow righteousness, beauty, love- not lust, needs to be displayed so people can be inspired and changed. I just need to find my venue!

Derek said...


Audrey had your blog open the other day and I was curious to read what Mary blogs. I almost didn't comment when I noticed that Kjirsti was the only other commentor on this post--heaven forbid I turn this into a Petersen thing. In any case, I love the two quotes. Very elegant. Hope you're well.

chemically yours said...

I'm reading that too! Those are great words to ponder on. We are insignificant, but I like how you really put that insignificance in perspective and the power we can do!

hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

very inspiring. thank you.