Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Little Piece of Fall

Last week I bought a bundle of rose hips with titian berries to add some fall colors to the apartment. Living in Houston, the semester sometimes seems to drag on without the signs of the holidays approaching. The leaves don't turn vibrant, there are no crisp mornings, no fires and hot cider on cold nights. This week however, there was a most pleasant surprise as the rose hips leaves didn't wilt and die, but rather have slowly been turning yellow and orange! It's been wonderful to have a real piece of autumn.


Kjirsti said...

mmmm mmm! I love fall. The past few days have been beautiful fall-filled. You know, the kind where the air is crisp but not cutting, where the leaves swirl vibrantly, and when the breeze is fresh and new.

I thought of you yesterday. We were doing our weeks grocery shopping at Aldi, and there were flowers for sale $3.00 for a bunch for colorful mums. I strolled right past them, but Tom stopped and calling to me asked "can I buy you some flowers," and knowing he would have to convince me said, "they're cheap!" I agreed and I have loved the flowers, they are so cheerful and bright. Flowers add such class and life to a home. They reminded me of you, as you had told me about your recent flower purchase. We weren't able to buy drinking chocolate but we did buy chocolate pudding, and Halloween candy. (Whatever happened to the idea of us never having sweets in at home?)

Love ya-