Friday, June 05, 2009


We finally were able to leave for our summer trip on May 28th, a few days later than planned, but with our minds more or less at ease than if we had left earlier. Steve finished his first response to the copy editor of his book. That was a huge project and I can't believe he managed to complete it under so much pressure. We got most of the car stuff squared away and tried to leave the house fairly clean for Chloe, who is thankfully taking care of things while we're away.

On our way to Boston, we stopped in Palmyra. I've never been, and loved being able to put a place and an image with the stories from church history. I've been reading Rough Stone Rolling, which made it even more poignant. The sacred grove is beautiful. It certainly wouldn't have looked like this in April.

The Palmyra Temple.

The Hill Cumorah. (We were able to type "Hill Cumorah" into our GPS and it found it. So sweet.)

Steve, and the printing press that first published the Book of Mormon.
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A Dose of Joy said...

Hi Mary!

It's so nice to see the first stop on your trip! What a majestic temple, how neat. I hope you're enjoying your first week in Italy! I hope you'll keep updating your blog as your adventure continues! Things are fine here at the house. I conquered the lawn today, haha :-P

Take care,

kjirsti said...

Yay for Palmyra, thanks for the thoughtful text! I love that first picture, there is nothing more beautiful than the fresh green of spring leaves.

Susanne said...

I visited here when I was a girl. I came with a youth conference group. We saw the Hill Cumorah pageant and had a testimony meeting in the sacred grove. It was raining as we came, but stopped during the pageant until the end. I can still feel today the way I did was an incredible spiritual experience for me. I always wanted to bring my children here, but we never did it. I am glad you had a chance to go.