Thursday, June 04, 2009

The weekend before last was graduation weekend and we had the pleasure of many visitors. My former roommate, Melissa Fife, and her sister stopped in for just one night on their way to Utah. It was awesome to see her again. Good times.

We had a crowd at the house for Sunday dinner. We prepared fish tacos, which are one of our favorites. Thankfully, they were a big hit. This picture is of Brady and his mom. It was nice to finally meet his parents, and we got to meet the grandparents, too! Brady, you must visit us. We'll miss you!

We made white chocolate Della Robia cheescake for dessert. Yum! 

The night before graduation in Oberlin is called illumination. Japanese lanterns are hung all about the main square, food is served, bands play, and there is even an art show. It's the nicest night of the year. This is a picture from illumination night with Erin and her dad, Mark.
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kjirsti said...

Yay! For pictures. So fun. The cheesecake is gorgeous! I'm requesting that for my next birthday! Miss you. Tom and I have been so curious about how things are going. It's funny when you are in Oberlin you still feel close, but now that I know you're in Italy you seem so far away! Miss you

Ashlee & Christian said...

Okay that cheesecake looks amazing! It looks like it is from a magazine, I can't believe you made it! What fun!

Ashlee & Christian said...

oh and your hair looks GORGEOUS straight and long like that, I love it!

Mike and Amber said...

that cheesecake is making me drool!

Ashley said...

I can't believe you didn't send me some of your cheesecake..I mean, I was about to send you a loaf of bread..maybe.. (your cheesecake looks amazing!)