Sunday, June 07, 2009

Paul Revere

On Sunday we went to church at the Lowell Ward to hear Erin's dad speak. He gave a great talk about ward unity and having our hearts knit together in peace and love. You could feel his genuine love for the people in the ward. It was a very uplifting meeting. Afterwards, Erin showed us around the Concord area. This picture is from the Lowell Mills, a huge colonial cotton mill on the canals.


After visiting the mills, we went to a National Park commemorating the Revolutionary War. I'm always impressed with the National Parks, something I suppose I get from my Dad. We saw the best presentation I've ever seen on the beginning of the war and Paul Revere's ride. It changed my perception of the Revolutionary War entirely. When we went to the Concord library we were able to see actual pages from Paul Revere's journal on that day, newspaper articles, etc. That's what you get for travelling with an Oberlin History major. Erin is a fantastic tour guide! This picture is of the Concord Bridge where the first shot was fired.
This is a statue of Paul Revere sculpted by Daniel Chester French who also sculpted the Lincoln Memorial.
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Susanne said...

Mary, you are so beautiful! I miss you!