Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Competitions and Recitals

This week I had to return to the real world: rehearsals, lessons, coachings, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.. I played to competitions this week. I placed Runner-up in the Young Texas Artists Competition which came with the prize of a performance and a nice cash award. I feel very blessed. It turns out I knew the first place winner from Meadowmount almost 10 years ago. He was a child prodigy back then and he has been doing nothing but competitions for the last year. I'm very happy to be Runner-up to that!

I also played for the Concerto Competition at Rice on Sunday. I didn't play very well and didn't make the finals. I don't feel too badly about it though because the finals were two days after my recital and Kjirsti, Tom, and Erin are going to be in town. I'd rather spend the time with them. My recital is in one week. I need a break NOW! Oh well, I must push on through. I love to practice. I love to practice. I love to practice.


Staska said...

congrats on the awesome award mar! that boy is pretty impressive to be runner up to! :) good luck on your up comming recital - I say just do what you always do - it's worked for you so far :) love and kisses (and the wishes of plenty of junk food) to calm your anxiety!

mary said...

Thanks Tonya! Junk food does the trick too often I'm afraid.

Mike and Amber said...

Mary!! Congrats on the competition, that's awesome! You'll do great at your recital I'm sure, just keep up the motivational chants!! You love to practice, you love to practice...;) !!!