Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Steve and Jared

I'm sitting on a king size bed at the Crowne Plaza right now visiting with my Uncle Steve and my friend Jared Orme. It's a good day. :) Yesterday I was up early to rehearse with my accompanist before my 8 a.m. lesson. It was a busy day full with rehearsals, lessons, classes, meetings, and a recital. The recital went well, thankfully.

At the end of the day I met up with Jared and Steve, who are here in Houston to do a few sales. We went to Carrabbas for a late night dinner, watched some Flava Flav on Conan O'Brian, woke up to a beautiful sun-streaked view of Houston, and had a nice breakfast in the hotel. We are planning an afternoon at the Galleria and a trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Ninfas. It's great to have Steve and Jared here.

(Reading this over it sounds like the only thing to do in Houston is shop and eat. It's kind of true. Eek)


Emily Jane Price said...


Susanne said...

Sounds fun!!

Mike and Amber said...

Don't you love Carrabba's?! I love the shrimp scampi appetizer!! Yum!

The Jessops said...

I am with Emily, VERY jealous of you right now!

A Dose of Joy said...

It was SO nice to see you and visit a little bit this weekend. It makes me so happy to see old friends who are in new places enjoying their lives :)

Talk to you again soon, okay!