Monday, February 27, 2006

Yale . . . where no airport shuttle has gone before

Did you know that it costs $175 to get from the Hartford airport to Yale and back!?! You'd think that no one had heard of Yale before. Even at Oberlin, where there are just a couple thousand hippies, you can catch a free shuttle to the airport and back. Unbelieveable!

It was cheaper to rent a car, even as an "underage" driver, and I prefer having the freedom, so I opted to take that route. They swiped my credit card (which is now back in buisness ;) ) without notifying me that there must be at least $350 available on the credit card before it will be approved, and that once they swipe it they can't process the same card for another 24 hours!! Some clear communication and a phone call was all it would have taken! Hello, people!! There I was, stranded, at Thrifty Car Rental in the outskirts of Hartford, CT. To make a long story short, I did eventually get a car, and with any luck, a few friendly employees won't lose their jobs. ;)


Jared Orme said...

Maybe the reason you can shuttle to oberlin for free and not to yale is related to the differences between hippies and yale-ies.

Emily Jane Price said...


Susanne said...

Thank heaven for cell phones and a willing father!