Friday, February 17, 2006

Ploughs, Pennies, and Paganini

Being my responsible self, when I saw the snow falling most of the day Wednesday I left an extra thirty minutes to get to work. I realized when it was five mintes past the time I was scheduled to work, and I was just about half way there, that my efforts to be dependable were in vain. Within the last mile or so I lost control of my car twice and saw nearly a dozen cars off the side of the freeway. I processed these mild warning signs and pulled off at the nearest exit, which "happened" to be where my favorite movie theater is located! Perfect. I could catch a movie while the storm passed and the plowpersons finished their donuts and coffee. Like most Obies, I am completely out of the loop when it comes to Hollywood knowhow. I asked the highschool movie attendent to give me the inside scoop and after firmly turning down her reccomendation to see a non-substantive chick-flick I settled on "Good Night and Good Luck" which was nominated for 6 Academy Awards. $6.00 to see a movie. I reached in my purse. I thought I had a ten, but I was mistaken. It's OK, I'll write a check. Don't take checks. Debit card. I don't use one. Credit Card? Temporarily held for a bill transaction to go through. $5.79 of cash was all I had and there wasn't a single person in the movie theater (*blizzard) to beg for a quarter! Can I at least use the ladies room? Sure. I trudged back to my car with only a few cents and my violin to my name. I took out my violin and practiced Paganini in the backseat holding my bow half way up so that it wouldn't hit the ceiling and upside-down so it wouldn't get too heavy. Mr. Vitek (and Emily ;) )would be proud.