Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cheesecake Factory

We had been away for many weeks, and Kj and Tom had been away for many weeks, and we were dying to get together. What better place to meet than Cheesecake Factory?! It was wonderful to see them again. We never tire of talking with them and being with them. We hope they always live nearby. Check out our desserts! Yummy.

It's amazing how many pictures I have of Kj with a large piece of chocolate cake. ;)


Will Tom be able to finish?

Since I didn't order a chocolate dessert, I had to order a hot chocolate to go with it. :)

The following day we had dinner at their house. All the work they are doing on the house is paying off. It's looking beautiful! Tom made homemade lasagne and Kj made a nectarine and blueberry buckle. It was delicious! Even better than Cheesecake Factory.
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Susanne said...

WOW!! It must be heaven!!