Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lost Photos

Kjirsti and Tom bought us a really nice camera as a wedding gift! (Thank you, again!) I took pictures of our first Christmas together and have been anxious to get them up on the blog. I took more pictures over Valentine's weekend, especially since Kira and Charles came over and shared their cookie baking and decorating know how with us. The whole dining room was covered in red, pink, and purple! Tonight I've been trying to upload pictures and discovered that somehow I managed to delete all but one Valentine's Day picture. So sad! Oh well. Our Christmas tree was really pretty!


kjirsti said...

No way! That's horrible. Oh that is such a bummer. I'm glad you have been using the camera, I was actually just thinking about that very thing this week, and thinking: "Mary hasn't blogged for a really long time. I think I better call her and let her know that that gift came with certain requirements!" hahah. I'm kind of joking- though I always love hearing and seeing what you're up to. We tried the fish tacos today. We liked the rub, but we used Talapia, and perhaps because it was a little old it was a bit too fishy! But we're eager to try it again with some mahi Mahi. miss you