Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Travels

The summer has been full of travels, just the way it should be. My travels this summer have included a lot more family than normal which is an added bonus. I took a trip to New York to see my sister, Melissa, before she moved out of her roomy city apartment in Upper Manhattan. (So jealous!) Emily and Katie came from Baltimore and Philadelphia, respectively, for a brief sister reunion. We had a nice Italian dinner, watched Frasier, made a NYC bagel run in the morning, perused Soho, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and ordered bridesmaid dresses that turned out to be a disaster! (Another story, ... an epic story.)

After the NY trip I headed back to Houston to collect my things and move out. :( All my furniture sold, which was a great blessing. I love craigslist! I packed up the car to capacity and beyond, stuffing remaining items through the windows. (Someone got some nice dishes, a crockpot, 9x12 glass pans, etc.) I took the southern route stopping through Phoenix to see my Aunt Jacqui and Uncle Dave. Jacqui is busy keeping house and painting. I bought a few pieces of art work from her that I love! I spent much of the time in Dave's recording studio laying some sides. His new electric piano is unbelievable!! I've never heard anything like it. I never thought I'd buy an electric, but I might now. It sounds like the real thing.

After Phoenix I headed for my home in the Rockies. The big event in Utah was Melissa's wedding to David Draper. It was a beautiful event. Melissa was glowing and everything went really smoothly. My Aunt Pam made a surprise trip! The wedding was in Logan and afterward most of us went to Erica's for a small family reunion. It was really nice to see the cousins, Pam, Gordon, and Grandma and Grandpa Quayle again. I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful extended family. They are kind, intelligent, ambitious, and fun-loving people. Congratulations Melissa and Dave!

I stayed in Utah for about a week after the wedding to spend time with the family, play a few weddings, and enjoy the 4th of July festivities. Unfortunately my Dad was sick most of the time, so I didn't see much of him and he didn't even have the energy to go to the Driveway of Fire!! As long as I can remember, we've never missed it!

After one more long road trip, and a stopover at Nathan and Brenda's new place in Illinois, I'm now back in Oberlin for a while. I'm house-sitting for Elizabeth Hamilton and trying to plan the rest of my life. Nothing major. AH! I'm looking for work and will probably be taking auditions for orchestras in the area at the end of the summer. Wish me luck!


Cory & Alli said...

Gook luck, Mary! Next time you're in Utah, let me know! I miss ya, girly!

Ashlee & Christian said...

What a fun summer! I am glad you are enjoying it so much. A sister reunion- how fun!! I wished we could have been in Utah at the same time. Good luck with your auditions, I don't doubt my Mary's talent though!

Shanda said...

Hey Mary! It sounds like you are having a super adventurous summer again! Good luck with all your auditions. Brent and I hope to be moving to Pittsburgh next fall for graduate school -I think that is only a few hours from Oberlin! It would be so fun to come visit you, just like you visited me in Nauvoo! Love you Mary!

Emily Jane Price said...

yoyo. "an epic story" =)=) seriously. Welp, big hug and see ya soon =)

Staska said...

how did your auditions go??

Anonymous said...

so, no dma?? ;-)