Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stormy Weather

Dooooooon't know whyyyyyyyyyyyy (da da da dum) there's no sssahunn up in the skyyyyyy ... ahem, excuse me. I got carried away there for a minute. I LOVE Houston 90.9. It's seriously the best jazz station ever. It was a (dark and) stormy afternoon and on my way to school I tuned into good ole' trusty 90.9. They played the hottest version of "Stormy Weather." Oh my. I'll take weather like this anytime. I love great jazz in the rain.


kjirsti said...

I'm so glad you back blogging, and I can't wait to sing some jazz with you soo soon!

Susanne said...

Although your blog was so creative that I could imagine you singing...I wish I could actually hear your beautiful voice singing jazz right now! That's my favorite station.
Love you! Miss you!

Susanne said...

It is stormy here today as well. We had an earthquake this morning and it is snowing. I am going to American Fork for a class and wish you were going along with me to sing Stormy Weather.
Love, Mom

mary said...

Lol. Thanks, Mom. Love you, too.