Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don't believe in Atheists

I went to a lecture given by Chris Hedges at the Rothko Chapel entitled "I don't believe in Atheists." It was supposed to be about the rising number of American Atheists and how they effect our political culture. It ended up being a rant against the Christian Right and Darwinists. It made me sad that such an intelligent, well-read, and experienced man would present a talk that had no center, focus, or logic. If you believe in God you're seeking a false utopia and if you don't believe in God you're seeking an equally destructive utopia headed by science: there is no utopia and the only reality is sin which man cannot overcome and thus must learn to accept. The end. Huh, am I missing something? I kept thinking of C.S. Lewis and how he wouldn't have left such gaping holes in his argument. There is much to discuss about the talk and way too much to write, so if you're interested, call me. The book comes out in March.


Staska said...

I've heard this argument before - the stupidest part is that, as a general rule to philosophers, there really is no point, focus, or purpose: only argument. I just don't understand why you waste your breath arguing everyone else's ideas when you obviously have none of your own. It just makes you look like a fool who's wasted your time and everyone else's...but, to be fair maybe his book will have more insight into what he's really trying to say and he just sucks at verbal explanations. =) are you going to buy the book when it comes out?