Sunday, October 01, 2006

October, here I come!

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In the words of Natalie Maines, "I've been a long time gone." October has come, but not the fall. This will be my first year without Autumn. I can tell I'm not going to like it. Maybe I crave change. Crisp cool mornings, crunchy leaves, colorful displays, hot cider, and crackling fires have always sustained me through fall semester. There is no replacement. When January comes, however, and I'm outside sun bathing by the pool, I'll admit that living in Houston has its charms.

General Conference just concluded. It was as uplifting as ever. My favorite talks were the first and the last. I guess that's a good thing because, as all musicians know, it is the first and last that really count. ;) Oaks presented a powerful reminder of Christ's role as healer. He expounded on different types of healing and reminded me to look for healing in ways that I might not expect -- to receive it in any form it is offered. Holland gave a fiery testimony that the leaders of the church are indeed "in touch." What an inexpressible blessing it is to have revelators, prophets, and seers in our midst giving constant guidance. I also loved the prayer that was given at the beginning of the last session. I too hope that the messages shared will be our "walk and talk" over the next six months, not only in our personal lives, but with each other.


Emily Jane Price said...

Amen. (sincerely)