Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Christ: the Bridegroom

Since it's the last day of February, I wanted to end the "month of love" with a love poem. This was written by a dear friend of mine here at Oberlin, Emily Hazel. If only all of God's children would treat intimacy with such respect.


Body and soul, Beloved:
I come to you with open hands,
ready to surrender. To receive.

Carry me
over the threshold



Tell me I am beautiful
Tell me with your eyes.
I want to be needed. I want
to be known by you.
But dim the lights, I'm still afraid
to let you see my secrets.

Tender your touch
as you help me step out of
these lies I've been wearing--
my calm facade, my fearless
independence--you search me,
undo the under-things:
my virtues, the inconsistencies.

Like silk over skin,
the layers fall away; you reveal me
as I am--all that compels me
and all that holds me back.
How fragile, quivering with desire,
fear of disappointing.

My heart disrobed before you,
how can I raise my eyes
to meet your own? But gently, now,
you lift my head, so I can see that
when you look at me, your eyes are full
of love inexplicable.

Body to body, Beloved
yours into mine.

This you give is yourself my body
to me that was broken
(my fingers tremble, reaching) for you.


Emily Jane Price said...

really phenomenal, fabulous, wow.

Wrd4Play said...


Wrd4Play said...

Dude, where are you?????

And what's the deal with your phone??